Native American Ascended Masters Blessing of JMF

When at age five I was brought up to an Intergalactic Council station in space and educated in the ways of the Light, I returned to a fractured and abusive world sad at the time for having to leave my beautiful intergalactic family and nobility among the stars to complete a perilous mission here on Earth.

There was one family on my street who understood me. They were the Clearsky’s of the Hopi Nation in Arizona. Each week, they would give me a handful of their best polished stones and keep the more common ones for themselves c. 1963. In 1977, I stopped into a Hopi gas station and at first was not liked by the young strong men standing in the square because I am white. But suddenly, a great chief known and respected among all Native American nations appeared out of thin air and put his hand on my right shoulder and blessed me saying:
“You will soar like an eagle above sapphire peaks.” At that moment, the young men in town relaxed and became friendly, helpful and full of respect. They saw this great vision and heard the blessing along with me and my friend Phil Oxford, who with me the year before, was in the middle of a triangle formation of three globular ships which converged around us at close range as a sign to occidental society that the Council is with me. This happened along White Beach in Manchester Massachusetts which has a south facing shore. The Big Dipper (Great Bear) was positioned in the north and its pan sitting exactly parallel to the horizon and low.
The contact craft appeared in the center of the four stars of the pan and two other ships hovered behind me. The ship in the north, inside the pan, approached upon my command.

I said: “Approach, we are not afraid.” There was also another person with Phil who drove us to the beach. And the object in the north approached as I spoke and came to a point just across Ocean Street from us and hovered about 30 ft. in the air silently. There is more to this, but this was an intentional display in which the point contact object passed over a US Air Force antenna station at Sky Top Road in Ipswich, MA, the three ships were surrounding us in a triangular formation at close range and a police officer emerged into the beach area and saw it and area estate owners were calling the incident into police stations in the area as far away as Salem, the county seat. The ships were perfectly aligned with me and the center of the pan sitting flat on the horizon in front of official and aristocratic witnesses. No matter how loudly the drums sounds on this, white society has done and continues to do everything in its power to keep this suppressed.

Police reports also turned up "destroyed in a fire in 1991" according to a spokesman at the Salem Police station when I proceeded to obtain a copy of my own report to assist researchers who have completely dropped the ball on my case.

At the same time, spanning intervals of seven years, came my Morning Star Election. In 1974, I stood on the shore at Beverly Massachusetts and my voice thundered saying: “I stand now on the Stone of Destiny and behold the wisdom of the ages!” People covered their heads when I spoke and the earth also shook. Seven years later, I was brought up into paradise and received the Light of the Father revealed shining brilliantly from the heart of Christ who stood before me in fine white rays tipped in sapphire. Again, I spoke in the spirit saying:
“Good Morning, Precious-Wonderful Lord Jesus” with the excitement of a little child. Then I was showered and permeated from toes to head with living light. And I asked: “Is this the Light of the Father?”And He answered, ”It is as you say.”

Seven years later again, I was given a command and directive for the nations, all nations, to follow. It has to do with the End of All War and the Conversion of Technology. Military forces from every country must work together in Forest Recovery and Crops to End World Hunger. Peace is procured and great troubles are undone in one move, but that is just the beginning. Trillions in monetary resources, according to plan, are then moved from weapons and weapons platforms (including multitiered secret weapons projects) and put into Technological Conversion starting with free
Zero Point Energy (ZPE) to replace fossil fuel and all other expensive alternatives. Others to benefit will be free Medical Cures vs. costly insurance and endless treatments; Highly Materials Affordable Environment/Weather/Energy Savvy Dome Homes made of non-wood materials and communities help build each-other’s homes; Advanced Individualized Education vs. the one-size-fits-all institutional style using cutting edge information technology, green focus, arts and new technologies brainstorming approaches. Also, ancient medicinal remedies are given serious status once again.

Then after the third seven year sequence, I was given the Morning Star Medallion in a vision. Immediately after this, I was brought on a long but rapid journey to the Intergalactic Council which was convening above galaxy M88 in absolute peaceful space. I have been given the white robe with rounded hood of the Council and wear the Morning Star Medallion on a white shoulder sash just below the left shoulder. Wherever I go, I have eagle and falcon escorts and all nature and every creature and being gather to me. But white society has abused, abandoned, despised and has shut every door to my well being and success, especially the aristocrats. This is because I am of the true royal root. This is because I have the answers. This is because they want to hold onto destructive ways for the profit and power of a few. They have done everything in their power to disown God and His Great Spirit and Light. And they have disowned and demonized Star People who are our family. But "they are the ones who the door will shut on", says The Light. My heart is stirred with a noble theme and great will to bring down yet another wall after the likes of Jericho and Berlin. It is the wall of Interstellar Isolationism. We are to raise a vocal force that will shake the heavens and the earth. And the rod I bear, "The Most Precious Amethyst Scepter," is going to smash the nations into pieces--even to powder. The Morning Star Election could have been awarded to any number of masters better than me. But it was given to me. Therefore, I am calling for the unification of all spirits of faith, love and care for all beings and worlds; every powerful angel and defender of children, forests, forest inhabitants and beings of the sea; every leader and wealthy source to stop all tyranny and change the earth to a free paradise who technology serves and is not longer served; and all Star People to intervene with all expedience. And in one voice, we shall end war forever, bring down the monetary system and all its corruption along with the Wall that seperates us as Star People All!

Jeffrey Morgan Foss

Ascension is not a product of popularity or status. The Morning Star Elect are an extremely elite divinely appointed few who are concerned with neither.
Be most assured, such an appointment has been tested and tried by fire the likes of which most could not withstand in an endless number of areas.
Such need not dance continually to "prove it" while the words and deeds of The Light in them go unheeded by the most wicked and rebellious generation of all time.